My family has been part of the Malibu community their whole entire life. My mom Judy Mora, has been a farrier (horse shoer) in the area since she was 19. She has always been very active and well know with the horse community. 30 years ago her and my grandma built a ranch in the hills of Malibu. The ranch has been my home for my whole life and every happy memory I have has been made there. We have everything from horses to ponies to chickens to dogs to cats even a sheep and a cow! We own a company called Horses for Productions, this is my moms only income. The majority of our animals come from unwanted situations – from people that can no longer afford their pets, can no longer tend to them, no longer want them or animals that have behavior issues. I also work at our local veterinary so tend to take home unwanted dogs or cats front there. We take these animals and with training, love and TLC make them in to movie stars!  Our animals are our life’s! Last year we re did our whole horse area making it so cozy for our pets, our ranch was our sanctuary. Unfortunately November 9th as the Woolsey fire grew we stayed up all night and prepared things at the ranch for the worst, we hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t jump the freeway. We never even thought about packing up anything from our house as we were so worried about our animals safety. We tried to call for help but the service and power was down and the trailers that tried to help us were unable to make it though the road closures to us. we can not believe how fast this fire was. We got out EVERY SINGLE one of our pets, with help from some amazing people who I will never be able to thank enough. Once we got our animals to safety we then tried to get back up to our ranch to try to save it and help a neighbor who had to let their 6 horses go. We tried for 7 hrs with no luck. Saturday morning early we were able to make it though, we were devastated to find everything at our ranch burnt to the ground. BUT we have our animals and our lives and that is what matters. My mom is the kind of person that will give you the shirt off her back. And her and my grandma have now lost everything except for the clothes they were wearing. We lost our house, our well,  all of our horse supplies, tools, tack, buildings, every childhood picture, all clothes, everything. We are in the process of rebuilding and with the help of some amazing humans it is coming along well. The majority of our Amazon wish list is things for our animals! With a few exceptions of things for my Mom to enjoy! Thank you!

Family Members:

Just – 63
Ellen – 88
Scarlet – 28

All purchases must be shipped to address:

Quirk Law Firm
4222 Market St., Ste. C
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 650-7778

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