We Rise Together

Upper Ojai Relief

When you donate, you will support local communities and surrounding areas rise towards recovery.

What do you have to give? What do you need to help you recover?

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Money and gift card donations can be made via mail or through our PayPal.
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Our Mission

We Are A Non-Profit Organization Powered By People Dedicated To Helping People, Animals And The Environment Towards Recovery.

We are primarily a volunteer based organization that was created out of need during the Thomas Fire in December 2017. When two neighbors found themselves battling the fire to save their homes as well as others in their neighborhood led to much more. In the coming days and weeks since the start of that fire, our non-profit was set up to help survivors of such disasters.  We are strong believers in community and the act of people helping others.

 Upper Ojai Relief has served a few different functions since our start in December 2017, below are just a few.

Thomas Fire 2017-2018

  1. A relief station was set up in Upper Ojai
    where goods, gift cards, and services were gathered via donations and
    given out to those affected. Community support and togetherness were a big
    part of what made “The Station” the success that it was.
  2. Hundreds of volunteers were organized by
    our board and by coordinating with affected home-owners spent thousands of
    hours on hands-on relief and rebuilding efforts for Upper Ojai residents
    and beyond.
  3. Upper Ojai Relief raised and disbursed
    short term funds to those affected by the fires through a simple
    application process. Future funds acquired will go toward a long-term
    relief fund to continue benefiting survivors of natural disasters.

Woolsey and Hill Fires 2018-2019

  1. Prior to evacuations being lifted in the
    Agoura Hills area during the Woolsey fire, our team coordinated efforts
    with the Seminole Springs Community to set up a new relief station on
    their premise.  It was stocked with donated goods to ready to be
    given to those in need after the fire. 
  2. Sifter boxes were built and delivered as
    well as protective gear obtained so volunteers and survivors could begin
    the process of combing through their lost homes for valuables and anything
    left by the fire.
  3. We coordinated the organization of
    hundreds of volunteers to assist with the intake and outake of goods from
    the relief station as well as to work with survivors sifting through their
  4. Relief efforts are continuing to this day
    in the Woolsey Fire area and funds donated during that time will be
    distributed to those affected by the fires.

Thank You To All Who Have Donated Or Volunteered For Being Part
Of This Incredible Movement!

Moving into the future, we will
continue our mission to help survivors of natural disasters. Know that we will
be here and ready to help when the need arises!

We Rise Together