We lost everything in the Woolsey fire.

I am a single father of two kids with full custody of both.  I just started my new business last year and now have another full time job; rebuild our home.  To say this is overwhelming is an understatement.  Any assistance is deeply appreciated.

If you would like any insurance work please contact me, this would help my family most of all and get us back on our feet.

My office was closed for 8 weeks after the fire and is just getting going again due to internet and phone service issues.

Thank you.

Family members:

Shannon Winters, 49
Matalene Winters, 13
Jaden Winters, 11

All purchases must be shipped to address:

Quirk Law Firm
4222 Market St., Ste. C
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 650-7778

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